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Hey everyone! The Sylvio 2 Prototype is now outdated and has been taken down. Thank you for all the downloads! If you're interested in the development of Sylvio 2, become a patron via the link below, or follow Stroboskop on twitter.com/stroboskops. All the best // Niklas

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This is a prototype and not a finished product.

Sylvio 2 is a single player, first-person, open world horror game, set in full daylight, where you get your missions from the dead as well as the living.

Juliette Waters, ghost recorder and EVP-specialist is back again to face the darkness that resides in Saginaw Family Park. The story takes off where the original Sylvio ended, the park has been ravished by a forest fire and heavy rainstorms, resulting in extensive flooding. Juliette travels the vast park by foot and with the help of a dinghy, solving environment puzzles, searching for spirit activity and exploring the lands.

Use the Walkie Talkie to communicate with people and listening for EVP-messages in the static.Use the Walkie Talkie to communicate with people and listening for EVP-messages in the static.

The game will consist of five distinct parts:

  • Main Story - Juliette once again faces the darkness of Saginaw through environment puzzles and challenging objectives.
  • Record Ghosts in vision and audio - analyze recordings to find hidden messages and objectives.
  • Explore a vast, flooded, burnt, foggy world, by foot or by dinghy.
  • Combat - Black Orbs and Human Forms might hurt you if they get too close. Keep your distance or force them to disappear.
  • Lucid Dreaming - Find places to sleep and explore Juliette's dreams and nightmares.

Analyze the recording in different speeds and in 360°Analyze the recording in different speeds and in 360°

Sylvio 2 introduces a completely new and unique audio/video analyzing tool. The reel recorder has been replaced with a videocamera and a portable TV, with which you can analyze the recording in different speeds, and watch the footage in normal mode or in 360°.


This game is currently unavailable


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download is dead?

I played this demo through and found it really fun. Can't wait to play the whole game.

I was looking forward to playing this because of the interesting style and detail (especially for an indie game), but I couldn't get past the first loading screen. it simply crashed whenever I loaded the game.

Hey, sorry to hear that. Could you send me your computer specs to bugs@sylviogame.com? Thank you.


Why can't I download it? It says it will download but it doesn't. Current : 0/10

What are the pc reqirements?

Seems to be a very intresting game on how it uses the mechanics, defiantly want to give the first game a try!